Aloha, A Lock House, and A Little Pomp and Circumstance: An Update Since Spring

The beginning and end of the school year are both hectic times at the Manor, so I haven’t been able to keep up with this thing despite my fervent belief that it wouldn’t become one of those blogs.

In fact, I see it was Thanksgiving since the last time I spent any time here.  In my defense, I’ve been keeping up with The Annex as best as I can and even sending out a an update here and there via those other modes of so-called social media.  Hey, cross posting is cool, and frankly, the WP mobile app kind sucks.

In any case, Lady S and I spent my birthday capping off the holiday 2016-01-02 18.04.33season in Hawaii.  When we left it was 75º in the Manor, same as Haleiwa.  When we returned it was 19º.  Yikes!  We had a great time with some good friends, and weren’t sad to return home having soaked up the North Shore as much as we could.

2016-02-21 09.59.44-1In February, we continued a new tradition by going “winter camping,” which actually means finding some unconventional structure in which to spend a weekend way from television and internet.  This year’s pick was a lock house along the Potomac.  I realize that this picture makes that spot look like the most depressing desolate place on earth, but it was actually quite lovely.  We walked along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and ate lovely Vietnamese food in very-close-by Bethesda.

2016-04-24 13.50.50

Eventually, the weather improved and the sun came out and I was able to spend a very cool Saturday with my Brothers from GB213 at the memorial for John Paul Jones at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.  We marched out from Conduit Street in front of Annapolis #89 and down Main Street without the need for any municipal intervention.  The civilians stopped on the street and sidewalks to gawk, take pictures, and take video.  The weather was great and no one got run over.

2016-05-27 11.03.05Finally, I’ve passed another milestone as the Maryland Dad.  My first born graduated from high school in May and is off to Charlottesville in the fall.  I couldn’t be prouder of this achievements and I’m sure he’ll do great at TJ’s little project. He’s been busy becoming a little public works and environmental lobbyist since graduation, so I can tell he is more driven than his old man.

That’s it for now.  More later this summer!