Little Carmine’s: Legit NY Style Pizza in Severna Park

I’ve been bemoaning the lack of decent restaurant options in my area for some time. The good ones are slammed and the bad ones carry on because of the lack of options.  When I heard yet another pizza shop was going in at 523 Benfield in Severna Park, I wasn’t hopeful for longevity.  So what’s a guy from Philly with roots in NYC to do for decent pizza? Ledo?  I said ‘decent pizza.’
2015-09-05 12.36.37
So when Little Carmine’s opened, I figured I’ve give them a shot.  Meno male! Finally, legit NY style pizza has arrived and it’s Little Carmine’s.  Little Carmine’s is an oasis for your northern immigrant (anyone from NY/NJ/PA) to the Land of Pleasant Living: baked ziti, calamari, cheesesteaks, hoagies, garlic knots, etc.  They even have cannolis!
2015-11-11 18.28.04We usually partake of Little Carmine’s once every week or two.  Last night we went there for our usual Wednesday night outing with the kids and had a great time.  They play the right kind of music, decor pays homage to NYC’s Little Italy (what used to be), and the food is spectacular including on of my personal favorites from the Via Veneto in old neighborhood, eggplant parmigiana.  I also recommend getting yourself a pie called Grandma Pizza.
2015-11-11 18.27.46
Little Carmine’s is at 523 Benfield Rd in Severna Park. You’ll find it in the small strip with Harbour Spirits and the Benfield Barber shop in front of Carrolton Manor.  See you there!