Party Girls and other names for liquor

You won’t find any lude pictures here or links to lists on theCHIVE.  Just a simple explanation of a phrase that tends to come out of my mouth in reference to certain types of alcohol.  There are wines, beers, scotch, other types of whiskey.  I enjoy all of these.  Then there are the Party Girls:


I associate these with cocktails and silly college girls, hence the name.  Other liquor names I’ve been known to utter:

My Old Friend or The Old Man – scotch, usually a single malt, probably Lagavulin.
Cleaning Fluid – Gin
Cowboy ScotchRye
The Retarded Cousin – Jack Daniels

Additionally, I’ve been known to bestow personalities on particular varieties of certain whiskey.  The most famous of these is The Mighty Laphroaig.  Self-explanatory, I hope.