Lady S and I decided to make one more road trip before the kids came home from summer trips. We’d been talking about visiting Monticello for some time, so this was our chance to make good on that promise to ourselves.
2014-08-02 15.49.06 HDR

We walked up the namesake “little mountain” rather than take the shuttle The natural beauty of the woods surrounding Jefferson’s house was well worth the trek and before long we found ourselves standing at the obelisk marking TJ’s grave.

After paying our respects, we continued on to find ourselves in the glorious gardens of Monticello. They were filled with period vegetables and many we recognize as modern, although I admit I don’t have much expertise in which are which.

2014-08-02 15.10.03

In any case, we wandered around the grounds until it was time to go in for the house tour, for which we pay a bit extra.The house was lovely and filled with mostly period artifacts, but clearly maintained and beloved. Our tour guide (whose name escapes me) was very knowledgeable about many of the facets of the house and Jefferson’s life there. No photos or permitted inside the house.

We hadn’t any place to be the next day, Sunday, so we went over to
2014-08-03 16.54.24the University of Virginia to continue exploring Jefferson’s legacy. I really enjoyed seeing all the architecture of the university Jefferson designed and which I heard so much about on Clay Jenkinson’s Thomas Jefferson hour.

After all the running around, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Red Pump Kitchen, one of the restaurants in the downtown mall area of Charlottesville.